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If you are looking for a respectful funeral memorial service in Auckland, then J.Weir and Co Funeral Directors are the people to call. Our team can handle everything from obituaries, death certificates and floral tributes, to catering and caskets, so call us today to find out more.

Cultural needs

At J.Weir and Co Funeral Directors we believe that following the cultural and ethnic beliefs of the family is paramount. With New Zealand’s ever-expanding cultural diversity, it is important that your funeral director understands the funeral requirements of each culture. This allows the family to grieve in their own way and farewell their loved one according to their respective tradition.

Having worked in funeral services over many years, Roz and Martin Williams have come to know and understand the funeral rituals of many cultures. They find that each family they have involvement with is comfortable in the knowledge that they appreciate and understand the family’s specific cultural and religious needs. It is very important to us that we not only respect a family’s cultural beliefs, but that they are followed exactly to the wishes of the family.

Floral tributes

We have a large selection of floral tributes to choose from. Please contact us for more information.

Memorial registers

Many families choose to have a funeral memorial register or book to allow mourners to record their attendance and note a thought or memory of the deceased. Such a book allows you and your family to reflect on who attended the service. It can also be helpful when sending out bereavement thank you cards.

Death certificate

The information required for the death certificate will be collected from you when the funeral is being arranged. This, along with the information from a medical professional and the date and place of burial or cremation, is used to produce a New Zealand Death Certificate. Certificates are usually available within 3 working days of the funeral service and will be forwarded to the family or solicitor as advised.

Our caskets

We have a large range of caskets to choose from in Auckland. We can talk you through the process and help you choose the right casket for your needs, or highlight the most popular choices selected by our client base.

They range from the ornate American style couch caskets through to the more traditional solid timber caskets such as Rimu, Mahogany, Oak and Rosewood, to the more simple MDF timber caskets. We also present here a range of environmentally considered caskets.


Our hearses are custom built to provide respectful and gentle transport for the deceased, from the funeral home to the funeral service. Contact us for more information.

Cemetery and crematorium bookings

In most cemeteries you can choose a plot in a location of your choice. We can arrange a meeting between you and the cemetery authorities to go over the various options available. Should you require the use of the crematorium chapel and/or lounge facilities, we are able to book these on your behalf.

Family notices

Most families choose to place a funeral notice in the newspaper, be it a local, national or international publication.

This serves to inform relatives and friends that a death has taken place within the family and serves to advise where and when the funeral service is to be held. We can offer advice on the wording and any graphics or photos you may want and we can place the notice for you.

Service sheets and bereavement cards

A lot of families choose to have a printed “Order of Service” which can include photos of the deceased, details of service venue, date and time, words to hymns and readings, messages, invitations and thanks. They provide a memento of the service.

Bereavement cards provide a way of saying thank you to family and friends for their love and support before, during or after the bereavement. Talk to us about this service. Our printer is a professional. His family has a long history in typesetting, some 108 years in fact, so you can be assured of a professionally produced service sheet, every time.


Our caterers will provide a comprehensive morning tea, light luncheon or afternoon tea following the funeral service. We can also arrange catering at other reception venues, such as church halls, clubrooms or at your home.

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